Here you'll find our newest diamond rings, fresh off the bench! Check back regularly, as each of these rings is one of a kind and will sell out quickly.

fire and ice

The best of both worlds… keep the flame lit for all time with this iced out amber diamond ring with gray trillion sides. Yin and yang, like you and your main.


Ooo baby baby…shake things up with 4.83 carats of diamond deliciousness. She’ll be singing “Whatta man” for the rest of her days.


Everything looks brighter in the morning. Rise to the occasion and shine a light on your love with this 9 diamond solar stunner.


An intense attraction to a mysterious stone… this amorphous diamond is decidedly hypnotic.

The perfect piece for your precious.

Emerald Palace

Like a crystal castle in the sky, this pristinely pure architectural gem delights with 1.77ct of dazzling diamonds.

The Golden Hexagon

A golden-hued lesson in sacred geometry, with an elongated hexagon cut yellow diamond flanked by two perfectly paired salt + pepper trillions.

Four of A kind

You’re sure to have the winning hand with this stunning sparkler. This singular ring has got quadruple the sparkle with four champagne diamonds set in gleaming 18k white gold.

Platinum Pear

A substantial 4.32ct pear-shaped salt + pepper diamond is encased in a perfectly polished platinum shield setting.

Wild Side

Take a walk on the wild side with Lauren’s fiercest creature yet – a 2.57ct zebra striped pear cut diamond ring. Welcome to the jungle, baby.


A starry slice of the heavens, this diamond trilogy shines in cool white gold. A single cognac diamond emits a radiant reddish glow, like a splinter of turf taken from Mars.


A speeding bullet-cut center diamond is the rockstar in this trio of diamonds set in glorious gold. Two trillion shaped salt and pepper sidekicks sing backup while a salty gray center stone serenades the love of your life.



A whopping 4.02 carats of diamond mass hurtles through the heavens, clasped in an unyielding 18k white gold setting. It’s one of our largest diamonds to date!


She’ll feel like the Mistress of the Universe wielding our one of a kind diamond shield ring! Power up with 2.81 total carats of diamond dust. This stunner will ensure you’ll be together for all Eternia.


With a little bit of luck, this breathtaking three diamond dazzler will capture your lady’s heart for a lifetime. A lovely 2.46 champagne center diamond is paired with dark and dreamy pear-shaped sides, creating some splendid contrast.


Flying through space at warp speed, a triad of white diamond wonders are clasped in 18k white gold. Dazzle your darling with this universal stunner, and may the two of you live long and prosper.


We all know love is a lesson in reciprocity. So celebrate all the devotion you share with a 1.83ct diamond decree kissed with a slice of golden sunshine!

super WOMAN

A pentagonal champagne diamond sits proudly on its 18k white gold mantle. The diamond channels the super-strength of the Amazonian princess, and is stronger than any substance on Earth. Like a kryptonian star, this simple, modern ring packs a superhuman punch.


Three pointed diamonds form a tiara of transcendence. Like a Medieval diadem, this regal ring is fit for the queen of your heart. Bestow your beauty with .91 carats of chiseled gems, straight from her one and only.


A dark gray emerald cut center stone is bordered by an A-frame of diamonds, breaking both left and right. The deep, salty color of this ring will remind you of duck diving forever with your one true boo. Your love is an endless summer.

Green Goddess

A triforce of diamonds sets the scene for deep devotion. A full carat green diamond diety is flanked by white diamond baguettes, holding strong like two Corinthian columns. This powerful paragon is an optimal way to celebrate your verdant love!


Like a sparkling sunflower radiating forth from a Van Gogh painting, this floret includes a 3.18ct ambrosial cognac center diamond wreathed by no less than 12 marquise diamond petals. The perfect statement ring to symbolize your blossoming love.


Her heart will explode when she sees this triple star burst of diamond divination. Two white, kite-shaped galactic diamonds detonate from each side of a stellar hexagonal .89ct champagne diamond, equaling 1.08 total carats of star dust.


Three kite shaped diamonds are cut at a steep angle to create one of our sharpest looks yet! Heighten your love with this ascendent symbol of everlasting devotion.


Dial up some rays with this beaming beauty set in warm 18k yellow gold. A .66ct. shining champagne center diamond gives cause to pop a bottle poolside in celebration of your blazing love!


An almond-shaped center stone sets off this confectionary trio of delicious diamonds rendered in 18k white gold. Nothing could be sweeter than wowing your honey with 1.92 carats of everlasting elegance.


The horizon is bright - East/West engagement rings are an au currant way to elude traditional vertically set engagement rings. This 1.97ct gray diamond sits horizontally on the band, evoking the endless suns and moons you plan to spend with your loved one.

Saturn's Daughter

This ravishing ring flaunts a remarkable 1.85ct champagne diamond center stone fit for a goddess. Juno, Saturn's daughter, is the goddess of marriage and childbirth. As Queen of the Gods, her sacred symbol is the peacock – and this eyeful is perfect for peacocking!


The hexagon is a rare shape for diamonds in the contemporary moment, but they were all the rage in the 1920's. This exquisite .89ct center diamond illustrates why the return of the hexagon is imminent.


Three pear shaped diamonds combine to create one of our all time favorite rings! Three is a lucky number, evocative of the "three jewels" of Buddhism. With three, three-pronged diamonds, we'd say this ring will have you feeling like lady luck(y) in love!


Reminiscent of Honolulu's volcanic crater Diamond Head, a massive 4.18ct smoky gray diamond erupts between two salt and pepper diamond peaks. This ring is the perfect emblem for a fiery love that will keep flowing for all time.


Sparkling like a meteorite flung from the heavens, this three stone wonder features a colossal 2.64ct dark gray center diamond joined by two glittering diamond trillion sides.

hall of mirrors

The focal center stone of this three diamond ring is an .83ct emerald cut diamond that is step-cut to create the enchanting effect of infinite depth. Reflecting the palette of the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, this beauty is set in luminous 18k yellow gold.


Three is a magical number symbolizing the past, present & future. This three stone marvel bestows a triad of gray pear-shaped diamonds on its wearer – emblematic of lifelong love.


When one is all you need... this gorgeous green 1.54ct diamond is an incredibly unique stone, as rare as your love.

the aeronaut

A lofty .95ct salt and pepper, kite shaped diamond is clutched in our 18k yellow gold contemporary claw setting. A consummate symbol of your high flying love!


Six, gray-green kite-cut diamonds come together to create a one of a kind wonder. This celestial luminary radiates serious star power!

stingray stunner

A 1.94ct salt and pepper round diamond ring is an atypical take on the classic diamond solitaire. Our stingray claw setting is cast from actual stingray skin, adding exceptional interest to this one of a kind gem.


This divine .97ct salt and pepper diamond showcases an unusual elongated hexagon, clasped in our 18k yellow gold contemporary claw setting.


This three stone beauty is a take on Lauren's classic cleo style. A striking .62ct salt & pepper, rose cut center diamond set in18k white gold adds a little salt for your sweetie.

puzzle piece

A feat of congruency, just like you and yours! A .44 carat kite shaped, champagne center diamond is tucked between two champagne diamond trillions for 1.09carats of sparkle magic.

THE bullet RING

Ice her out with this white gold x salt and pepper diamond stunner. Featuring a bullet-cut center diamond, accompanied by matching trillion sides, this is a super unique take on the classic three stone ring.

the perfect pear

The pear shaped diamond is fast becoming a favorite style for engagement rings. The cut combines classic glamour with a touch of nonconformity. This clear gray diamond is clasped in an 14k yellow gold stingray claw setting.

tears of joy

Simple. Elegant. Edgy. The champagne diamond solitaire engagement ring is a .58 carat, rose-cut slice of heaven. Perfect for stacking!

your biggest fan

Pull out all the stops with this TEN diamond head-turner! Three pear shaped gray diamonds are artfully arranged atop seven gray circular diamonds and set in 18k yellow gold.